Allen Ott Jr.

Owner since 1985

Allen has been the owner of Reed’s Liquors since 1985. Customer service is very important to the way I manage my store.It is very important that customers are satified. If a customer is looking for something special we will make every effort to find what they are looking for.



Valerie Kennedy

Employee since 2008

Valerie has been the Manager at Reeds since 2008. When she started she drank sweet chamagne and fruit juice. Since working here she has become an expert on all kinds of wines. If you have any question about what a wine is like Val knows.



Libby Jewett

Employee since 2011

Libbey has been an employee at Reeds since 2011. A hard worker she became Reed’s night manager. Libbey is great with customers and has gained a lot of knowledge about wines.



Caren Burgio

Employee since 2010

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